Dec 20,1955 - June 1, 2008





Frank D’Amico


Height:     6'5"

Eyes:         Brown

Hair:          Black

Weight:       375lbs.



Acting Mgmt. NYC - "Kevin Osborne"
HB Studios NYC - "William Hickey"

Comedy Routine:

Diet & Exercise, Clothes, Family, Relationships 





The Star Ledger calls him the "Ralph Kramden of this Generation!" GoodTimes Magazine proclaims "Like Gleason, D'Amico creates an on-screen persona that's larger than life (in all senses of the word)", Frank describes himself as a working “Character Actor/ Comedian” who is focused with some really big ideas!

Frank D'Amico was born in Mt. Vernon NY! A true New Yorker to the core! He grew up in a blue collar, middle class, multi-cultured neighborhood! Frank started his career by entertaining his fellow workers on a picket line for the Teamsters (Local 456) in WESTCHESTER NY… after honing his onstage skills he quickly became a national headliner and opening act for many major artists!

Frank’s Stand-up performance on Comedy Central drew the attention of director Roger Nygard who was casting his next movie. Frank passed the audition and landed his first role as a supporting dramatic actor. After getting a taste of acting and deciding to pursue it professionally, he join HB Acting Studios in NYC with acting coach William Hickey and Acting Management with Kevin Osborne; Frank went on to land several "Feature" and "Guest Star" roles in film and television!

Recently finished an independent feature film "The Dukes" directed by Robert Davi... starring Robert Davi, Chazz Palminteri, Peter Bogdonivich and Frank D’Amico “The Dukes” had sold out International Film Festivals. Preview audiences were impressed by what many considered would have been Frank’s breakout performance

Frank has also completed a family adventure film "The Fly Boys" directed by: Rocco Di Villiers” soon to be released. After seeing some footage Frank commented, “This film has it all, it's gonna blow people away!” 

 Frank can be seen in Vanessa Parise’s "KISS THE BRIDE" and Roger Nygard’s documentary ”TREKKIES” (which features his Stand-Up Comedy Act), as well as TV best sitcom's such as: "Big Kitty on The Parkers" , "NYPD BLUE” and “Martial Law” and in roles he recurred on "BECKER" , "Grounded for LIFE".

Special thanks to Jay Leno for having Frank perform as various characters in many hilarious skits on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Frank loved the opportunity of working on that show.  

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